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Concrete Joint & Crack Sealing

By properly sealing any cracks and between the concrete slabs, you can protect your property from excess water damage and soil erosion.  Cracks begin to form when pressures such as water and exceed the strength of the concrete.  These forces can weaken your concrete and possibly allow leakage to the foundation surrounding your home.  You can also help prevent your concrete from shifting or cracking as severely in the future.  To minimize costly reconstruction repairs, consider sealing your concrete.  Allow our professionals to extend the life of your pavement for a reasonable cost.

Joint Sealing/Caulking

Do you take the time to inspect your concrete on the driveway, sidewalks, and patios? Probably not, as most of us do not recognize there is a problem until there is damage.

Joint sealing provides a structural bonding between slabs and stops water from being able to penetrate between them and under the concrete which causes erosion and washout. If this is left unchecked, the slabs will begin to weaken and over time can heave, shift, and form cracks.

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Power Wash and Penetrating Concrete Top Sealer

Overtime unsealed concrete will become stained and darken in color due to environmental hazards such as salt, fertilizers, gas, oil, and UV Rays.  Has your colored concrete can become faded and lack the luster and true vibrant color it had when installed?  Look at your driveway or patio!  Is it stained, dull in color, darkening from molds and pollen? 

Sealing will protect the surface from water penetration that causes these damages and will improve the appearance of decorative concrete by enhancing the color and gloss. 

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Avoid these costly mistakes when hiring a contractor to do your concrete sealing.

  • Looking only at the price—The cheapest contractor is not always the best. The best value is often offered by a costlier alternative. Always ask yourself-Why is the price lower and is it worth the initial savings? Remember a shoddy concrete job can look bad and be expensive to repair or replace. Be willing to pay the extra for a trained, meticulous contractor that follows ACI guidelines.
  • Allowing the contractor to cut corners- The desire to save money, time, or effort may motivate some contractors to cut corners. Even if you are not a concrete expert, have your contractor explain the processes in detail before the job. All processes should conform to industry best practices and local building codes.
  • Allowing the contractor to use inferior materials- A project is only as good as the materials used during construction. Beware of contractors that boast they have the “best” product on the market. Ask what materials your contractor plans to use and if he has any long-standing loyalty to certain manufacturers. Make sure your contractor uses high-quality materials from a reputable manufacturer.


Below are some examples of poor workmanship that was completed by another contractor and we went in and repaired it for the homeowner.

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